Saturday, November 28, 2009

Faded Photos and Long Lost Lace

Deliberate recollection of long lost pasts,
Shoved in a box in the farthest recesses of her mind
in a moment of frustration and regret.  Now
recovered and remembered-faded snapshots
of the misty mornings together with sunlight
and joylight shining in your eyes; crisp
clear images of first best loves and tears.

Each memory a photograph imprinted
on your mind forever-replaying them is like 
watching Gone With The Wind over and over-
too painful to bear but beautiful
in a morbidly tragic sort of way.

When he was lost to you forever,
did you relieve your last together in your mind?
Playing nightly photo reels of the days
you shared, before the loss set in like a storm.

To replay memories like faded
fragmented melodies, remembering
last best loves and living
in the past-loving the gone-bye days
which are no more-retreating, retreating,
sliding backwards because 
the present is bare, the future
unknown-turn your face away
 from the loss you face today-

In the past there is no loss,
for you cannot lose what
you do not possess and cannot grasp-
in the past is no pain-the past
is safer than the present, she muses.

Retreat into the attic to
leaf through old photos endlessly
reliving the days when he 
was here with you
until the faded song
fades too long and you are left
with whispers of tears
and promises long since 

Black-and-white nostalgia is bare but beautiful
Memories playing a record while you sleep

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A year ago today,
You thought you had everything
Essential for the creation of the perfect
life of love and joy.  Family happy,
friends adoring, beloved waiting...

As cranberry and potato and pie
scents waft from the kitchen, creating
eclectic combinations that define
this day, the multiplicity of loves
you held in your heart swirled
and surrounded you in a 
variegated cocoon of true joy.

Family still surrounds, friends
still abound, some loves are 
lost, but new loves have been found.
One year ago you stood surrounded
by outer and inner scents of joys.
Today you hope to be as grateful
for the blessings you almost
didn't realize you had until
you nearly lost them.