Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty Six-"Z"

So today's the final day of this blog challenge...rejoice with me all ye who persevered and read the entire thing :)

Z-Zucchini Bread

As the final post in this blog challenge, this post ought to be the one that goes out with a bang: bright, dazzling, clever, and well written.  However, with a letter like this one, this task seemed at first to be a rather daunting one?  How was I to write two hundred wonderful words on a topic that seemed so illusory?  But then I remembered a topic so simple yet so interesting, and delicious too :)  Zucchini bread, a sweet bread, similar in texture to banana bread, is absolutely one of the most delicious sweet loaves you can make.  Although it may sound somewhat odd, the grated zucchini baked into the loaves not only gives them a fantastic and slightly vegetabley flavor, but the juice from the zucchini helps the bread remain moist, and fluffy.  Crisp and brown on the outside, light as a cloud within, the perfect loaf of zucchini bread, when sliced and served warm with butter, is a snack to die for.  And now that I’m rapsodizing over the loveliness that is zucchini bread, I’m beginning to want to bake some :)  For actions speak louder than words, but zucchini bread is shouting my name louder than all else.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty Five-"Y"

Today is the penultimate post of my twenty-six day blog challenge!!!  Two more letters to go and then I will have succeeded :)

Y-Youth Sunday

One of my favorite youth events at our church, is Youth Sunday.  Youth Sunday, occurring once every year on the second Sunday in September, is a time for the high schoolers to step up and take leadership in the church.  On this particular Sunday, the high school group leads the entire service, from worship to dramas to speech choirs to speaking  Although the theme for the service is chosen by our youth pastor, the rest of the service is decided, organized, and put on by the high school students.  For the past two years, I’ve been privileged to play piano in worship, and last year I actually assisted in leading the worship team by writing music for and leading the orchestra portion of the worship team, comprised of two flautists and a cellist.  In addition to leading worship, I’ve helped write skits, participated in speech choirs, and helped to organize the presentation portion of one of four mini topics.  This service is an important part of the church, I think, as the youth who will someday be the adult congregation learn to take responsibility and show that they have taken to heart all they’ve learned over the past several years.

Soundtrack to My Life-Part 21

I really liked this weeks songs...but it's time to change them again.  So here goes!  Too bad I can't find a couple of our VBS songs to put on here, they're quite...VBSish :P  

1) Hungarian Dance No. 5-Brahms-I actually really really like the first Hungarian Dance better, but they didn't have it online, so I put this one up.  A friend and I are debating between #s 5 and 1 to learn for my senior recital...all musicians out there, what's your take?
2) Tears of the Saints-Leeland-another gorgeous Leeland song :)  I absolutely love their first album, not as much their second but I'll try and give it another listen :)
3) The Prayer-Josh Groban and Charlotte Church-this is such a gorgeous song by such gorgeous voices...I printed off an easy piano version of this song, but it has chords so I can improvise some on it :)
4) A Day Late-Anberlin-this is such a fun song, with fantastic lyrics :)
5) Empty Me-Jeremy Camp-I just love this worship it's such a simple chord progression-G, D, em, C-it's the only one I can play on guitar :P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty Four-"X"

This letter is going to be the absolute hardest to come up with a topic...but I am going to do it :)  


Yes, this is a legitimate word.  According to WikiAnswers and my very very limited knowledge of Greek, it means a guide or one who conducts strangers.  A seemingly pedantic term known only to a few, it however can be a jumping off point to some fascinating ideas.  To conduct strangers along their way, to step out of your own comfort zone and give aid not to your friends and family, but to those you don’t even know.  One who guides strangers must have both great trust in their fellow man, and great wisdom of their fellow man.  To guide someone, you are setting yourself up in a position of knowledge over them; you are saying “I know the way, you do not, so let me help you.”  This takes a certain amount of audacity towards strangers, unless the xenagogue has a great understanding of human kind.  Guiding a stranger takes courage, wisdom, and above all, love.  To lead your friends and instruct and aid them, takes no great virtue, for most people would be willing to help their friends.  But to lend aid to strangers, to offer to lead those whom you don’t even know, this is a loving service.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty Three-"W"

Since this morning was our church’s VBS, and this evening was worship practice for Sunday morning , today’s blog post is going to be slightly different from my previous posts.  This blog post topic is the World, so for this topic I’m going to post a poem I wrote this evening, with the world as a minor theme.  Enjoy and comment! 

Secret Songs

Songs resounding all around me

An inner melody accompanying my every move

Serenading my steps, a secret song for myself alone

and outside my mind, the songs which anyone can hear.

Beautiful they may be, true

they may be, good

they may be, and yet

I hear them not, I am deafened to all else

by my own secret song.  Two

concentric circles, two separate symphonies

One is mine and one belongs to the world

A picture of my life perhaps?

While all others walk to the music of the world 

I move and live and breathe against the unheard

rhythm that only I can hear.  An inner life

separate and secret, and these words,

which tune do they reflect?  My love,

to which melody do you move?  The outer or inner, 

projected or unheard, visible or secret song?

Tuesday Shout Out

...goes to...Grace Ciccarello!  (please tell me I spelled your last name right :P)  Grace, another friend who the amazing Torrey Academy introduced to me.   Or rather, a combination of TA and cotillion.  Interesting story by the way, in Christmas 2007 at the cotillion Christmas ball, I saw Grace for the first time, and recognized her name from her name tag as someone I had occasionally talked to on Bubbs.  I introduced myself, she remembered me well, and we've been friends ever since.  Grace...amazingly energetic, lover of Italian food (hurrah for Italians!!), fellow fan-fiction writer.  You're an awesome friend, and I've loved the few times we've gotten to hang out in person :)  Thank you for spurring me on to think more deeply about things, and generally being so much fun!!  You're loads of fun to hang out with, discuss with, (and no I promise I won't call you a hamster again).  Grace, intelligent, excitable, Italian, fun, sweet, amazing friend.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty Two-"V"


People have many different physical features that set them apart from everyone else, that make them unique, that single them out from the crowd and say, or even shout, “This is me!”  And different people have different physical features that they will notice more easily.  Some of my friends say that the first thing they notice about someone is their hair.  Curly or straight, long or short, brown, black or blond, our hair is the defining characteristic to many of our friends.  To other people, it is the eyes that set one friend apart from another.  When meeting someone new, these people are drawn instantly to their eyes, not only to their colour and shape, but their expression.  But for me, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a person, the easiest way for me to pick my friends out of a crowd, is their voices.  Loud and exhuberant, soft and sweet, deep and resonant, shrill or smooth, no matter what the characteristic, each person’s voice has its own peculiar quality that sets it apart from the voice of every other person I know.  Hair will grow grey, a face is easily forgotten, but your voice will never be forgotten.

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty One-"U"

Lately, I've had to make a lot of decisions in my life: some major and life-altering, others unlasting or seemingly inconsequential.  Do I go to this event or that one?  Do I eat this dessert or that one (or both:P)?  Do I go to yet another activity or do I stay home?  In the past few weeks a handful of more life-changing decisions than the ones above have come up, causing me to stop and think more carefully about how I make choices that will affect me so deeply.  When faced with a difficult decision such as colleges, careers, my future, where do I turn?  Do I talk to family or friends?  Do I pray?  Do I go with what feels best then or try and reason it out?  Making major decisions has always been somewhat of a challenge for me.  And really no matter what the decision, I seem incapable of choosing one desirable option over another.  No matter what the decision, I want it all.  From dessert to dreams for my life, from clothes to colleges, I want both, not one.  And so I remain unable to choose.  Without wisdom from above, I am perpetually undecided.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twenty-"T"

Today's blog post is going to be slightly different.  Inspired by Gabriel's Happiness is (found at it'll be in list and phrase format rather than a full paragraph with complete sentences.  It'll still be 200 words on a topic beginning with T though, so don't worry :)

T-True Happiness

True Happiness is...

the sun peeking through the clouds over the mountains after many weeks of dreary fogginess

silly chatter and laughter with best friends who love you no matter what you say

knowing who you are and what God requires of you, and acting on it

being surrounded by people who care, discussing the ideas that matter most

driving into the sunset with cool wind blowing your hair while listening to Mae

licking the spoon after baking chocolate chip cookies with Grandma

saying “terrible good” and knowing there are crazy teenagers who know what you mean

the moment when an idea from a book finally ‘clicks’ and you realize what that other author was talking about

reading Chesterton’s poetry while eating an apple and listening to Elgar’s Cello Concerto

playing a piece on the piano and realizing that a part of your soul was somehow wrapped up in that piece

the tears that come to your eyes when you look around you and realize that all you need for life is here in this room

looking into someone’s eyes and being allowed a glimpse into their soul

loving someone wholeheartedly without fear of rejection

glorifying and enjoying God forever

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Nineteen-"S"


Sarah, my sweet sister, you are such a delight to be around.  As the middle child, and by far the quietest in our family, it takes longer to notice Sarah, but once you do, you realize just how much she does behind the scenes.  Always willing to serve others, she cheerfully works backstage to help the family, perfectly content to stay out of the limelight.  Shy and sweet upon first contact, Sarah nevertheless has a silly sense of humor, a delightful energy, and a vibrant personality which makes everyone love her.  In a sense, she shares many characteristics with her pet guinea pig, Grace.  Both are quiet and somewhat shy of strangers, love to cuddle, and are much more comfortable with those they know well.  For many years, Sarah has been little sis to me, the cute little kid who tags along behind me before running off to play with her younger friends.  But now that she’s eleven, and going into fifth grade (I remember the days when upper elementary was the biggest deal in the world) she’s become more than just a little kid, but a close friend who I can talk to and encourage.  Silly, sweet, sunny...Sarah.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Eighteen-"R"

R-Ready and Waiting to Fall

     As many of you know, Mae has been my absolute favorite band ever since I discovered them last September.  So it should come as no surprise that at least one blog post would be dedicated to them.  “Ready and Waiting to Fall”, off Mae’s album The Everglow, is, in my opinion, the first truly uplifiting song of the album.  Particularly in the play I’m writing based off the album, it comes directly after the turning point of the play, where the main character Micah finally realizes the way to achieve his dreams.  In “Ready and Waiting to Fall” the “aha” moment has come, Micah is beginning to truly fulfill his dreams, and according to the song, “[he] can feel something different for the first time.”  An upbeat, energetic song with gorgeous lyrics, “Ready and Waiting to Fall” draws a joyful picture of someone who is seeing life afresh, realizing all of the joy and newness that it holds for them, and coming out of darkness into the brilliant sunshine.  The line “Heaven makes sense, and all the words rhyme” is simply one of the most beautiful lines Mae has ever penned.  Poetic words, gorgeous guitars, this song has it all.

Soundtrack to My Life-Part 20

1) Carried to the Table-Leeland-I just re-discovered this band last week, and am really loving them.  They have a refreshing, clear worship sound, but yet also some more fun upbeat stuff as well.  Next to this, Sound of Melodies and Hey are my favorites off their first album...both wonderful songs.
2)Ready and Waiting to Fall-Mae-this'll actually be today's blog topic as's such a great song :)
3) We Beseech Thee-Godspell-although this is a great musical, Biola Youth Theater did so much better of a job with this :)  
4) Summer of '69-Bryan Adams-now I don't usually listen to Bryan Adams...but it is sorta a catchy song, plus I had fun writing a parody of this song about a horrible sunburn I got last summer :P
5) Paperthin Hymn-Anberlin-I still like Cities best, but Anberlin's other albums are starting to grow on me as well...this is such a sad song :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Everglow-Mae-ipod shuffle quiz 2.0

So, Darcy (my iPod) was offended that I used iTunes instead of him, so to oblige Darcy, I've re-written my answers based off my iPod.  Same rules still apply, no skipping except for classical songs STARTING WITH A NUMBER.  If it doesn't start with a number, NO SKIPPING.

RULES: 1. Put Your iTunes on Shuffle 

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 


IF SOMEONE SAYS "IS THIS OKAY" YOU SAY? Over the River-Jon Foreman


WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? The Fisherman Song-Mae-makes no sense but it's a gorgeous song :)

HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Star of the County Down-Von Trapp Children


WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Call Me irresponsible-Michael Buble-hahaha maybe they do :P

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR PARENTS? Ammunition-Switchfoot-hahah jk I love you guys :)

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? A Melody, The Memory-Mae-ahh so true

WHAT IS 2+2? Revolutionary Love-David Crowder Band


WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? The Riders of Rohan-Howard Shore

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Many Meetings-Howard Shore

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Mrs. Darcy-JeanYves Thibaudet-hahah this one is perfect








So a few of these did come out fave would have to definitely be What do you want to be when you grow up?  Fun, yes?  Since most of these came out rather that the fault of the shuffle, the quiz, or my music?  Plus I did skip all the classical stuff so you actually got slightly decent answers...:)

Blog Challenge-Day Seventeen-"Q"

At Wheatstone, one of the most intriguing things out of many wonderful things, was our almost daily quiet time.  Before going to Wheatstone last summer, I did understand the importance of quiet time in a general, “Yah it’s good but I’d never find time for it” sort of way.   But seeing the heavy importance that the Wheatstone staff put on this solitude, time of contemplation and quiet, made me rethink my previous hesitancy to commit to quiet time.  After an intense discussion or mind-blowing lecture, it was refreshing to go outside on the lush grass under a shady tree and just rest my mind.  Thinking, praying, reflecting, without distractions or sound or anything else but silence, is good for your soul just as much as deep thought or discussion or good books or movies or community.  Spending time with people is important, but so is the occasional silence alone.  Too often even when we’re alone, we are listening to our iPods, watching a movie, or IMing friends.  Rarely do we truly sit still.  T. S. Eliot prays, “Teach us to care and not to care,/ Teach us to sit still/ Even among these rocks,/ our peace in his will.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Sixteen-"P"


Probably many of my readers will not be surprised at today’s blog topic.  Since I was a little girl, one of my recurring dreams has been to be a published poet.  From Robert Lewis Stevenson to G. K. Chesterton, from Emily Dickinson to Christina Rosetti, I have always loved both reading and writing poetry.  My first love was the structured rhyme and rhythm of the monthly memorized poems in elementary school.  As I grew older and my writing matured slightly, I still clung to the form and security that metered and rhymed poetry provided, agonizing over finding the perfect word with the perfect syllable count.  But in the spring of my Inklings year, I discovered T. S. Eliot, seemingly defying all structure and form.  However, the more I read and listened and allowed his melodies to sink in, the more I grew to love Eliot’s poetry, painting vivid images in my mind of trees and roses and dusty chapels and whirling worlds.  His poetry has come to affect mine, as lately my poetry has been more concerned with image and emotion than structure.  In conclusion, here are two of my poems, reflecting both sides of the same coin of poetry.

Slave to Love 

Your Love is Strong, compassionate

Your Mercies, Neverending

You see all, Yet Love me still

So I can cease Pretending 

To be a girl with Heart too pure

To ever need Your Aid

Instead I come with Pleading Soul

Longing to be Saved

From the Secret Shames I hide away

From the Guilt within my Heart

Your Love is Strong, it covers me.

Love’s pierced me with His Dart

I’m now a slave, I will do nothing

Unless You bid me to.

Love freed my Heart, I can choose my Fate

But I Love You, I Choose You.

Panes of Glass

He stares at her through a broken pane of glass,

His eyes reflect the sorrow in his heart

Around him his world is falling, breaking

Yet there is no one to stop it, no one to heal the pain

Slowly ever slowly, his heart is being torn away

Ripped into shreds and trampled underfoot

Yet all this and more he would endure for her

He would shatter the panes of glass

That stand between them, and yet

He cannot, for to do so would bring infinitely more pain,

So he stands, staring out of helpless, hopeless eyes

Hating the one who said forbidden fruit was sweet

It is not, it is bitter, dry, full of pain and anguish

Yet he has chosen to eat of it still

For that is the way of love

Love reaches through the glass and into her heart

Is this right?  Is this good?  They don’t know

Self-inflicted torture, unspeakable bliss and joy

And as they love silently, hopefully, fervently

The cracks deepen, the ice thaws, and someday

The glass will come crashing down

And they will be...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hundredth Post!!!

Hurrah!!  After a little less than a year, I have reached one hundred blog posts :)  This is truly a time to rejoice...I think :P  Thank you to all my faithful readers and commenters who are still with me after this much time, and this many words.  Here's to another hundred posts that will hopefully reflect a wiser, deeper me than the last hundred!

Blog Challenge-Day Fifteen-"O"

And now, for today's blog post.  I contemplated several different words for today's letter.  Opinions, oxymorons, options, all seemed to be important topics which I would have a lot to say about.  But after much contemplation I realized that sometimes it is the littlest topics that carry the most importance.  So without further ado, I present to's blog post.


     “Oh” is an expression filled with many meanings.  Barely even able to aspire to the dignity of being called a word, this little sound is nevertheless an important part of communication.  First, the sighed “oh.”  It expresses the disappointment after you’ve suddenly been let down.  You expected something, but were let down, and you utter a  subdued “oh.”  Next, the understanding “oh.”  You have been in the dark, ignorant of some fact or situation, when suddenly, the light comes on and you realize, “oh!”  Also, the frustrated “oh.”  Something has happened to throw you out of balance, you realize you’ve left a Torrey paper in the printer and you utter an upset “oh” as you inwardly cringe.  “Oh” can be used in varied situations, depending on the intonation of voice or gestures of the hands.  As with all words, and particularly the expressions which we rarely write but frequently speak, it takes a human voice to give the word context.  “Oh” would not mean anything without the person speaking it in the way they wish to say it.  Thus the vital importance of spending time with real people, so we can understand what they truly mean when they say “oh.”  

Blog Challenge-Day Fourteen-"N"

Alright so I have a confession to make...I did not write my two hundred words yesterday :(  But I wrote them this morning and am posting it now, and I'll still do today's two hundred also!  So it still counts...sorta...


At first glance, this may appear to be a somewhat oxymoronic (is that even a word?) blog title.  To write something about nothing, to take an empty void and discuss it as nonchalantly as if this void were coming to tea tomorrow, may seem a bit odd.  But upon a second look, it should become clear that one can say quite a lot of somethings about the void named nothing.  Nothing, an absence, not just of something, but of everything, is a rather frightening concept.  When people have just lost something important in their lives, we attempt to console them by reminding them that “at least you still have...”  At least we still have something, something to cling to and put our trust in.  At least we have not fallen, along with all our worldly goods, into that dark and empty place called nothing.  But in Philippians, Paul tells us that Christ “made himself nothing,” rejecting His godhood to endure our punishment on the cross (Phil. 2:7).  Nothing, emptying Himself of all His rights, becoming what we as humans fear most.  And yet we are called just verses before to have the same attitude.  To become nothing, like Christ.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Thirteen-"M"

M-Mummy (Yes, I do call my mom Mummy...and yes I do wish I were British sometimes :P)

My wonderful mummy, my biggest role model, fellow lover of Jane Austen, scrapbooking, and pastries, I love you so much.  I look up to you as an example of the kind of mom I want to be someday; encouraging and supportive of her husband, teacher and guide to her children, servant to the community.  You are always helping someone, stepping in and taking responsibility outside of the home while still balancing the joys and responsibilities of a homeschool mother.  Throughout my life you have always been available any time I had a question about school or about life.  Though I’ve become more independent in my schoolwork during high school, I still love being able to come to you to help me edit a paper, explain a math concept, and particularly to share in my joys and sorrows over school.  Mummy, I love the time we spend together watching Pride and Prejudice or Sue Thomas, reading encouraging books together, baking something scrumptious in the kitchen, or just talking.  But most importantly, I love you.  You make me long for your patience, responsibility, and servant’s heart.  No matter what I do, you still love me for who I am.  Thank you Mummy.

Poetry Post

Here for you, my faithful readers, is a poem I wrote in church last Sunday.  I'm hoping that most of you recognize the quotes in this poem and know where they come from :)  And today's blog challenge will be coming later, I promise.

Whirling World

The still center of the ever-turing world

Whirling, spinning, everlasting revolution

Around the sun, earth around the sun,

World whirls around the still Son

World revolves around the Word

Revolution of the people

Around the Word, against the Word

While the revolting world whirled

About the still Son

The Son who teaches us to care, and not to care

Teaches us to sit still

Silent and waiting, waiting without hope

But silent in the shadow of Thy Will

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Twelve-"L"


What is love?  Both Dante and Plato (whom I’ve been reading a lot of this summer), have some interesting things to say about the nature of love.  In one of Plato’s dialogues, he points out the seemingly obvious fact that love must have an object.  Dante picks up on this as well, talking in Purgatorio about how all virtues and all vices stem from love.  I found this interesting as I’ve always equated vices with a lack or opposite of love.  However, Dante seems to be arguing that vices stem from either love of the wrong thing, or too much or not enough love of the right thing.  If Plato and Dante are right, therefore, the way to the virtuous life must be to love the right objects in the right way.  The love of the good, true and beautiful, loved in the right amounts, will lead to virtuous living.  And these have their root in God, and God is love, so to love God is to love rightly, perhaps?  I do not know...but love is not merely an emotion or idea to be pondered, but an action to be performed.  For God not only Is love, but Loves.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Eleven-"K"

Today was a bit more difficult to decide what to blog about.  In previous days I've had far too many options and not enough letters to write about them all, but today I had absolutely nothing...until now.  Read this and be spurred to act, all ye of noble heart!!!


As some of you may have heard, I’ve become my FAT class’s resident monarchist.  For many months it’s been a constant joke amidst my classmates that I would move out of the US and reinstate a king as head of a new nation.  But a joke it shall be no longer.  I watch the fate of our nation with trepidation as our democracy becomes more of a joke than my pretended monarchy.  And thus, I shall no longer pretend, but become a monarchist in reality.  A king for the children of the King, I say.  Rather than slick politicians who manipulate the will of the people into blindly choosing their own destruction, let us submit our wills to a king, noble and benevolent, who shall bring back honour and chivalry to a nation of cold hard cash and no ideals.  Those who long for the days of King Arthur will long no longer.  Rise up with me, my friends, and let us reinstate the Round Table and the king who shall lead it.  All us, as knights errant, shall follow a leader noble and brave in the pursuit of goodness, truth, and beauty, and a king shall rule us again.

Soundtrack to My Life-Part 19

Here it is again, the five songs I've been listening to, thinking about, or really enjoy from the past week.  I'm really sad to change it this time, I loved hearing Barber's Adagio every time I went to my blog.  But this weeks should be almost as good, I hope.

1) Upside Down-Jack Johnson-this song was so adorable in the Curious George movie, but I had forgotten how much I liked it until I saw it on a friend's senior slideshow last week.  
2) Haight St.-Anberlin-this is such a fun, bouncy song...I was debating between putting up this and Breaking, but this is just so much fun...though I think I like Breaking better.
3) Pushing Daisies Suite-I just love this show so much!!!!  And now that they're airing new episodes on makes me happy :)
4) Nothing Without You-Bebo Norman-one of my new favorite worship songs...I remember playing this song in December/January for worship, though we haven't done it recently.  It's so important to remember though, how little we really are and how big Christ is, and how He is the only one who can give us all we truly need.
5) The Ocean-Mae-I'm stuck on this scene of my play right now...I think that it might be coming together but I'm just afraid of making the romance too cheesy...but its just such a gorgeous song :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Ten- "J"


Josh, my only brother and oldest of younger siblings, you keep me entertained with your interesting perspective on life.  Throughout our lives we’ve been pretty close, both in age and interests, and particularly now as you’re a teenager and high-schooler.  My not so little brother (he’s passed up mom and only has an inch or two more to go before he passes me up as well) is enthusiastic about history, sports, and everything he enjoys.  From the time he was a baby with drastic mood swings until now, he has always been passionate about everything he feels and does.  Your fascination with the most minute historical details amazes me.  Your guitar playing is a joy to listen to as well as to play along with.  All of the many random facts you pop out at me with keep life interesting and give me new oddities to ponder.  Though our tastes in music, books, and movies often differ widely, we still have so much more in common.  Josh, you are growing so much, both physically and spiritually (believe it or not, I’m excited to see you pass me up) and are not only a wonderful brother, but an awesome friend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Nine-"I"

I-iPod (and yes Tim, this one is 200 words)

Since I’ve been blogging about deep or significant things for the past few days...(alright, maybe frittatas aren’t that significant) I’d like to talk about something a little more frivolous.  My pink iPod, Darcy.  Yes, I have named my iPod, as well as my car, piano, get the picture.  This, my first and only iPod, is a bright pink 2nd gen iPod nano...which I infinitely preferred to the short, squat 3rd generation, though the most recent are alright as well.  Since receiving it in 2007 as a 15th birthday gift, I’ve amassed nearly 850 songs in a wide range of genres.  A brief scan of my artist list reveals artists such as Anberlin, Beethoven, Bach, Coldplay, The Fray, Jack Johnson, Jon Foreman, Jonas Brothers, Jonathan Jones, Josh Groban, Lifehouse, Lincoln Brewster, Mae, Muse, Radiohead, Rachmaninoff, Sherwood, Switchfoot, We Shot the Moon, and more.  (If you recognize all of those bands or composers, I’m impressed.)  My iPod is practically a necessity in my life, as I walk work and wonder to a perpetual soundtrack.  It’s an odd feeling, to be living in the world as if I were in a movie, but this time, I control the music.    

Tuesday Shout Out

Hello all!
Thank you for your comments, they make me very happy :)  Today's shout out is brought to you by...hahaha now I feel like I'm running a TV commerical.  Oh, and before I start...I got a panini press last night!!!!  I'm so excited for lovely asparagus artichoke tomatoe sandwhiches now :)  

Today's shout out goes to...Ariel Sheegog!!!  
Ariel, you are absolutely wonderful.  Since third and fourth grade, we've been best friends forever, fellow schemers and partners in crime, adventurers in the Fellowship, writers and poets, newsies in New York, princesses in training, and so much more :)  Ariel, you are an encouragement when I need cheering up, a wise counselor when I need advice, an enthusiastic sharer in all my excitement.  As your mom said at your graduation, you truly do rejoice when I rejoice and mourn when I mourn, always willing to sympathize when things go poorly and get excited when things go well.  Thank you for your constant patience with me when I'm frustrated or upset.  We have had some crazy adventures together, paintballing, driving, and so much more.  Ariel, you are the best friend a girl could ever ask for.  I pray that we'll continue to further up and further in together for "as long as the sun and moon shall endure."  

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Eight-"H"


Hannah, my youngest of three younger siblings, is a human Tigger, always bouncing, never ceasing movement.  At nearly six years old, her energy is boundless, her joy is contagious, and her penchant for mischief, disasterous.  To Hannah, all of life is a game, a party, a time for rejoicing and laughing and just plain old having fun.  She never walks, she runs, she never sits still, never settles down, seemingly never sleeps, always talks.  Her incessant chatter on anything and everything that she sees brings her entire family a joy filled commentary on life.  For the past year I’ve been teaching her to read and have been blessed as well as greatly amused by her fresh, original perspective.  A quick learner, she has become an avid reader of her favorite books, most recently the adorable “If You Give a Cat A Cupcake.”  Those of you who have met Hannah would most certainly agree with me that this series is perfect for her.  The animal frantically rushing from one fun filled activity to the next, picking up one interesting amusement only to be then lured by the promise of a more exciting one the next, this is Hannah in a nutshell.

Blog Challenge-Day 7.5-"G"

Hello all!  So, since yesterday was Sunday, obviously I was unable to post that day's blog challenge here.  However, I did write two hundred words on a topic starting with the letter G, so I'm still covered, right?  

Grace, to me, holds many meanings.  In various conversations it conjurs up widely diverse word pictures, depending on the context.  Grace...the name of a family pet, a church acquaintance with exhuberant laughter and untameable blond hair, a dear Torrey friend with a love for children's literature and vibrant personality, the church I've attended for the past three years with all its flaws and virtues.  But most importantly, grace is the gift which God so miraculously gives upon me time and time again.  So often I stumble, fall, and even outright turn away.  But each time I fail, GOd is there, reaching out and offering me a second chance.  Out of all God's attributes (which we've been studying in Sunday School for the past couple months, by the way), His grace to a world of wayward sinners is one that never ceases to amaze me.  "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,/ that saved a wretch like me," penned John Newton.  Once a captain of a slave ship, he appeared to be one of the greatest sinners of his day.  But God's grace was sufficient to cover all his sins, and God's grace is sufficient to cover all of mine.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Six-"F"


Ever since seeing the gorgeous frittata pans in Williams-Sonoma (one of the most wonderful stores in the world), and reading their recipes for asparagus or other vegetable frittatas, I’ve wanted desperately to make my own frittatas.  I’ve been somewhat intimated by the idea of flipping the eggs, though, as nothing I flip when I cook ever comes out perfectly.  But since we have fresh asparagus from Trader Joe’s, I will make a frittata in the next few days, as long as no one eats the asparagus.  And yes, you may have pictures before it is eaten.  For those of you who may not know, a frittata is an egg dish similar to an omlette; however instead of folding the ingredients inside the egg, the ingredients (vegetables, meat, cheese, and so on), is mixed in with the egg and cooked in a double frying pan so that instead of flipping the frittata it’s merely turned over into the other skillet.  This first frittata will probably have asparagus, onion, green bell pepper, maybe red potatoes, and feta cheese.  And yes, that really does go well together.  Williams-Sonoma, you are wonderful.  Thank you for introducing me to the deliciousness of frittatas.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Soundtrack to my Life-Part 18

Hey y'all!  I know this is a little late...but better late than never, right?

1) Adagio for Strings-Barber-I just discovered this gorgeously heartrending piece a few days ago and have fallen absolutely in love with it.  There's a youtube video of the BBC orchestra playing it, set to pictures from 9-11...absolutely amazing.  
2) You and Me-Lifehouse-what a wonderfully touching song...more acoustic goodness :)  Though I've always wondered...why do Christian radio stations play this song so much?  I mean, it's good...but it's basically a romantic song...why would the Fish like it so much?
3) Who am I-Jessica Andrews-I'm not typically a huge country fan...but this is the theme song for an adoreable tv show...Sue Thomas was on PAX for a few years in the early 2000's. :)
4) Goodbye, Goodnight-Mae-yes, I've got to get my weekly Mae song on here, and this is one that's been stuck in my head for a while...I really did like Destination Beautiful, though not Singularity as much.  Sadly I can't put stuff from their new EP up yet...but when I can, I will :)
5) Sway Your Head-We Shot the Moon-this song starts off with such a great piano intro...the entire album is pretty, you've just gotta love a band with such an awesome name :)

Blog Challenge-Day Five-"E"

So day five of the blog challenge and letter E.  I'm having fun with this, it's a good way to keep up with writing even outside of Torrey, albeit somewhat less formal.  But...I need incentive to keep writing here :P  So comment!  Lots!  And enjoy!


What gives you energy?  Different people find their source of energy in different things.  For some people it’s one food or another, for others a good night’s rest, for others people are the driving force behind their energy.  Similarly energy can be sapped by many factors...lack of sleep or food, boring reading or conversation, dull, cloudy days, etc.  I’ve found that one of the primary factors in my energy level is people.  Regardless of how tired I am, how late it is, what I’ve been doing that day, when I am around people, my energy level almost instantaneously skyrockets.  Though sugar has a similar effect on me to a lesser extent, it is almost invariably good friends which cause my eyes to light up, my voice to become more animated and louder, my laughing to be higher and more frequent.  This combination of friends, late nights, and chocolate is what keeps my energy level higher than any sane person would tolerate.  But my friends not only tolerate my hyperness but join in with me in the craziness that is us.  Sometimes I wonder, which is the most crucial ingredient in this strange energy mix?  Food, late nights, or friends?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day Four-"D"


Today is not only a post about my dad, but a huge thank you to him for all he’s done for me this year and in my life.  Dad, for the past seventeen years of my life you’ve been an encouragement in my intellectual life, encouraging me to think critically and deeply about what I read, watch, listen to, and believe.  You’ve loved me through the many difficult times, when I do well and make you proud in my piano or poetry, and when I struggle to follow your example.  From the time I was little, you’ve read to me great literature: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit; and spent time with me discussing what we read.  Dad, your love for me has greatly blessed my life, encouraged me in so many ways.  But most importantly, your love has pointed me to the love of God.  Like you, His love is unconditional.  Like you, God constantly has my best interests at heart, even when it feels otherwise.  Thank you, Dad, for your godly advice in issues big and small.  Thank you for desiring to protect and provide for me.  Thank you for your love which does not fade or flicker.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Torrey pics and cute youtube vid

Hey y'all!  Here's the pics I promised you :)  But first...I just discovered the most adoreable videos on youtube that you've gotta watch :) -watch first :) -watch second :)
They're so adoreable :)  But's the pictures :)

Anna VanderWall, Libby Barnard, and myself
myself and my former Inklings tutor Miss Romero
My Foundations tutor Mr. Bartel and myself
myself with Grace Ciccarello
Joycelyn Choo, Jessica McBride, Ariel Sheegog, myself, and Anna VanderWall

Blog Challenge-Day Three-"C"

Day three is here....this was a hard one because there are so many C's I wanted to write about-Chesterton, chocolate, creativity,  Chopin, colour...the list goes on.  But here it is, narrowed down to one at last...also, pics from the Torrey Banquet will be coming shortly...:)


For those of you who know me well, you probably aren’t surprised that Chesterton won out over everything else, even chocolate.  But ever since the summer  when I read The Man Who Was Thursday for the first time, I have loved Chesterton’s writings.  From brilliant non-fiction such as Orthodoxy to whimsical novels such as The Club of Queer Trades to inspiring, beautiful poetry like The Last Hero, Chesterton’s writings seem to be filled to the brim with life and vigor.  For the past several months it’s driven me to desperation, almost, attempting to articulate this key quality that distinguishes Chesterton from other authors.  But at the Torrey Banquet this month, Mr. Griffiths (also a self-proclaimed Chesterton nut) said something that made things much more clear to me.  He described this crucial part of Chesterton as wonder. the world, seeing everything as if you saw it for the first time.  And this is what Chesterton does...he takes a simple, everyday image, turns it inside out and upside down, and presents it to us anew so that we may once again experience that childlike wonder at the world.  This clarity and wonder is why I love Chesterton.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Shout Out

Hello all again!
Today's Tuesday shout out goes to....drumroll please...Gabriel Choo!!!!!

Gabriel is an awesomely brilliant Torrey friend who knows everything there is to know about Dante, Rachmaninoff, and making awesome travel videos :)  His boundless energy and enthusiasm for pursuing goodness truth and beauty constantly amaze me, and inspire me to pursue this triad too.  Congratulations Gabriel for willing the term paper contest, and for your fantastic rendition of the St. Crispins Day speech.  You are an amazing musician with a passion for your piano, and a fantastic discussioner who always brings new insights to the table.  Above all, your friendship is inspiring to us all as you urge us to move further up and further in.  Congrats on graduating and going to THI, you are amazing.  :)  
P. S. If I forgot anything crucial please tell me :) on who the next shout out should go to :)

Blog Challenge-Day Two-"B"

Day two of the blog challenge...coming soon...Tuesday Shout Out


In the past several months, I’ve experienced a lot of death.  Not physical, for the most part, but spiritual/emotional.  Many things have, relationships, dreams.  But in every death, there is a new birth.  In the death of school, there is the birth of vacation.  In the death of one relationship comes the birth or stronger growth of another.  In the death of an addiction or too-tightly held plan or desire comes the birth of God-given dreams.  As Lewis depicts in the Great Divorce, our fleshly desires must die to live again more gloriously.  In the novel a man with a lizard on his shoulder is confronted by a Bright One desirous of killing the lizard.   When the lizard dies, there is a moment of agonizing pain as the old dreams so long nurtured are killed.  But afterwards there is the glorious rebirth of a stallion, majestic and new.  And so it is in my life.  Something I have held onto closely, cherished deeply, protected desperately, must die.  The knife strikes, the pain is agonizing.  But birth follows death.  In place of a lizard I am given a stallion.  In place of death comes new life.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog Challenge-Day One-"A"

So today is the day that I begin the blog write 200 words for twenty-six days, or twenty-six letters, or five thousand two hundred words, or approximately two Faith term papers, get the picture.  And just for the record...there is no rhyme or reason whatsoever to the words I choose for each's just what I feel like writing two hundred words about that day...

Anberlin is an absolutely amazing band.  (See, I can even get the alliteration going here).  Thanks to Daniel, I have added yet another little known band to my list of favorite little known bands.  With a wide range of songs from the acoustic emo ballad “The Unwinding Cable Car” to the energetic, inspiring “Breathe” to the fun to rock to  “A Whisper and A Clamor” Anberlin possesses the ability not only to engage my ears and musical talent but delight of words and poetry as well as Torrey inspired ability to analyze and examine critically.  When I first began listening to their album “Cities” I was somewhat unimpressed, but as I continued to listen, little gems started to call for my attention.  It may be a particularly popular song, and I rarely enjoy the most popular songs on an album, but The Unwinding Cable Car has become one of my absolute favorite songs in the world, with a gorgeous acoustic intro and dazzling lyrics such as “This is the correlation of salvation and love...”  Anberlin, how I love you...although you shall never replace Mae as my favorite band, Anberlin will definitely be a band to explore in the future.