Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saints and sinners sing your broken hallelujah
Join together in a chorus for all
our bleeding hearts, punctured lungs that draw
our final breaths.
Love, the only saint I ever prayed to
Why did you hide
your devil's face from me?
Why did you never
show me the faces
of broken people, your blind followers,
the only legacy that love left me with.

Bleed me dry with last month's promises,
Poison me with last month's kisses
Stale words and worn-out longings,
a joyless passion, the greatest sin.

Bruised, broken, damned.
You wouldn't save me
from the hell you put me in.
Saints sing their hallelujah
But sinners' cries are louder.
The only saint
Pray for me from hell.
Don't forget about me yet
One last kiss to send you,
This postcard from hell.

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